Sonny + King

As the originator of a new genre of heavy metal music, and the cornerstone of the FGM Gillett Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Survivors of Clergy Abuse, and due to the grounding of my studies in the areas of Theology, Psychology, and Rock & Roll, I have established this site to effect Change in three areas:

  • To re-establish heavy rock & roll in its purest form
  • To solidly create and maintain an Agency to immediately assist all Clergy Abuse victims
  • To propose a pioneering way of approaching Art & Life

The burden of “How Best We Must Live our Lives” rests heavily upon us all these days. The daily drive towards grounding ourselves in our deepest interests and desires, not only for our personal  benefit, but also for others’ insights, is crucial and a transparent theme in much social media communication.

It is my wish that this site will motivate, inspire, rejuvenate, and, more so, install courage. Courage for change, transformation, and, most importantly, growth.


The FGM Gillett Foundation is a ‘doorway’ – first online, and eventually a brick-and-mortar establishment, which, as an organization, aims to do three things:

  • Provide immediate access to experiencers of Clergy Abuse – Crisis Line info, including Ontario Works & other Provincial Aide info.
  • Provide immediate info as to where an experiencer of Clergy Abuse can go to regroup for a few weeks, such as emergency lodging, etc
  • Provide immediate financial assistance to such clients

The Foundation is named after FGM Gillett, my Father. Due to Parkinson’s Disease. my Father passed away before my Clergy Abuse came to light. It is named after him, because it is certain that FGM Gillett’s response towards Clergy Abuse within his family not only would have been precedence-setting, but would have had an incredibly helpful influence upon his own son’s healing.


P.S The Free-Flowing-Intensely-Identifying IMAGE of ST.ANTONY OF THE DESERT Is What a Hermetical Soul Always Seeks.
For The Long-Term. For Survival. For Always. An Opportunity A Miracle+Win. My Thing Is Just Seek A Sincere*Prayerful*Peace*Home..LIKE ANTONY——OF——-THE——-DESERT——.

PPS. The other pics capture the enticements if you will the varietal images about the studio. Total immersion is something to be used intensely to keep the self-spirit-core
deeply planted inside a very specific artistic landscape. Conversely if you construct your own asylum chances are you’ll maintain a crucial capacity to leave&enter it’s chambers & visualizations fluidly to feed your Art.

PPPS. All other images are in order to strike hard again and again versus the pending&terrible lull of a type of mental lassitude that continually threatens to overcome experiencers of psycho-spiritual traumatic brutality. If the daemon is always showing his leathery wing or claws or ridged skull & flaming eyes. You’ll always be in an alert & urgent state. To continually immerse and survive.