About Sonny + King


On a cold night in 1964, I was born. I grew up in San Francisco…Peru…England…Toronto. I spent my grade school years in a small town called Copper Cliff in Ontario.

After high school at St.Charles College in Sudbury, Ontario, I attended Universities in Sudbury and Ottawa during some warm summers. Chilly autumns were spent mostly in Toronto throughout the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s.

After approximately 2001, I graduated into new areas of study and understanding. Along with years spent investigating rock and roll vocalizing, performing, and research, I founded a Cigar Smoker’s Club, publishing many newsletters, and accumulated a collection of over 900 pairs of vintage cowboy boots.

Until today, I have been a student of American film directors Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppola, and Stanley Kubrick. Along with Martin Scorsese, these directors have pointed me towards my greatest ambition: to recreate the most intense visual sensation I had ever experienced, which happened in my early 30’s whilst viewing the film ‘Apocalypse Now’.

A sensitivity towards war imagery, which had begun in the earliest of my years, was “seeded” by my tearful reaction, at 10 years old, towards my first viewing of ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ and has continued to now.

My drive towards understanding the experience of soldiers within the context of the Vietnam War began in my earliest years. My commitment towards expressing all of my insights and understandings are focused inside this site.

Trauma Metal

As an experiencer of abuse at the hands of an un-chosen physical partner, and as an avid devotee of heavy metal music since I first heard Van Halen’s Masterpiece LP “Fair Warning,” my particular drive to sing metal songs is based on my inner urge to primally scream out my rage – at not only being violated against my will, but also to vocalize my rage at the ‘effects’ my experience had on those close to me whom had also began to witness firsthand what has become a unique vocational path.

My traumatic experience continually resonates within my spiritcore and study solitudes but also has found accelerating currency with those whom discern a truth path towards self actualization and truth resolution. As the musical showcases called R.U.N.K.fests begin to book and enact first in Toronto Ontario Canada I will be performing as a metal vocalistwith a personal trauma experience, thus I coined the phrase “trauma metal,” to define my musical interests and style.

I have been heavily influenced by David Lee Roth and Bessel A. Van der Kolk – each have had serious impact socially, and both are still deeply relevant. Roth was the architect of the band Van Halen’s ascent in Rock and Roll, and Van der Kolk is a tour-de-force gateway in grappling with traumatic experience and its experiencers. Both are equally influential in the creation of summation of “Trauma Metal.”

Without Roth, I would never have sought to become a rock singer; Van der Kolk’s analyses inspire my understandings of traumatic existence. Of note, the psychedelic feel of this style of music, along with its aggression in performance, pushes it into legitimacy in the overall rock “metal” genre. Uniquely, the focus upon the jungle warfare of the years spent in Southeast Asia by infantry soldiers stamps the efforts of Saigon+Abattoir as not only pioneering and original in theme and approach, but also begs the question – what will the end of result be for listeners and its performers alike?

Since 1984, our first project/band – named Vietnam Ripper – established and held its roots in Vietnam War considerations, especially in the unpacking of the psychological terrain of the “grunt” – the eighteen to twenty-four year old draftees whom found themselves in a jungle crucible. Briefly, this original formulation of the project joined forces with a powerhouse duo called Creemo.

Most searingly and as the deployment of this so-called “trauma-metal” audio airstrike creation called SAIGON+ABBATTOIR nears to perchance instill within a greater public viewing of the deeply-chilling and gut-wrenching pathos of trauma through the aegis of rock clubs and available halls nee ‘war trenches’ it will continue it’s perduring and frantic efforts towards throwing a light upon the horrendous and shredding experience of the “grunts” in the Vietnam War.