Essential Films:
Apocalypse Now (Standard Version) – No bells or whistles are needed as you journey into things.

Platoon – Oliver Stone is more revealed, with regards to his Vietnam Experience. Also, view the documentary “Tour of the Inferno” on YouTube.

Full Metal Jacket – Stanley Kubrik’s brutal masterpiece!

The Deer Hunter – Michael Cimino’s Vietnam War masterpiece. Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken work an excruciating separation theme.

Essential Documentaries:
First Kill – A revealing look at this war’s vets.

Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam – Will take you right inside things.

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse. A rare gem-like view in-towards Francis Coppola’s own traumatic struggle towards trying to surmount Vietnam’s extreme existential war landscape.

VIETNAM REMEMBERED – Shredding but necessary. Real time heroes whom kept themselves alive. Period.

Vietnam Voices: Jerry LaFountain – From the Vietnam Voices: Video Playlist series. THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL.

Essential Ideas:
Please investigate and watch all YouTube interviews with Vietnam war veterans. After viewing the veterans’ interviews, please move on towards VICE documentaries which feature human struggle, horrid violence, and extreme loss. Important as well is to watch the countless, sugar-coated pseudo-reality shows, which showcase serial killers. It is certain such pieces directly hint at the essential viciousness inside human nature.

Essential Considerations:
Why is it that the “Trauma of Vietnam” is a central element of study by Sonny King?
Why is it that Sonny King has been attached to the study of the Vietnam War experience since 1984?
Why is it that Sonny King has not emerged publicly as a spokesman for a movement, versus the inertia within the Roman Catholic Church towards actively responding in the favor of others, who have been savaged by clergy abuse?
If Sonny King is planning activism…when?

General Advice to “Really Get Catapulted Into Things”:
Immerse in the music of the era.
Check out online 8mm footage of the Vietnam War.
Also check out:
“Goodfellas” spider scene…

“Bugsy” the “Did you think you could steal from me!” scene

“Goodfellas” scene where Henry avenges his girlfriend’s beating

“Apocalypse Now” roach scene

“The Sopranos” scene where Tony kills Ralph.

Essential Rock Bands to Accompany Sonny King On His “Vietnam Ride”: