Saigon + Abbattoir

Whether it is apparent, through live Saigon+Abattoir videos, or through blog writings, or through on-site imagery, the span of exploration within this site encompasses the written, spoken, performed, interviewed, sculpted, and remembered images and insights of years spent investigating the experience of the 18-24 year old grunts drafted into the fields of Southeast Asia to “further American foreign policy interests,” as it were.

Those grunts faced not only the suffocation of intolerable jungle combat conditions, but mores, they came up against “the greatest demon of all” – the demon of psychological struggle.

“Performance” is perhaps the key way that an assessment is made of one’s capacities as an author of a website. Towards this end, the “Projects” section of this site will lay bare and give guiding perspective towards a liberating assessment of life after traumatic, psychological impact – from the earliest increments within the studies of Erik Erikson, which pointed towards a “tunnel end” for a post-adolescent mind and caught hard inside psychological trauma, straight through to Richard Rhodes’ / Lonnie Athens’ views, and beyond.


Interviewing out of Los Angeles, Henry Rollins once referred to his Studio / Box as a “Safe Zone.” Extrapolating upon Rollins, it may be said that, at times, a space designed only for artistic, creative, and necessary output must confine itself to this purpose.

Fashioned after the temporary and ubiquitous “hooches” of the grunts in the field in the Vietnam War, my Studio is a creative, isolated, off-limits, and rare, 1000% solo space for the enervation of my projects.

There are two locks on the door to my Studio.

Although there is no literal “incoming” mortar rounds or bullets, the day-to-day work and interactions of my Studio projects are enough to fuel me. My studies and interests return me to a silent place of study – and creation out of absolute necessity.